Aperitif, for meditation in company or alone.

After a day of work or for a dinner with friends, those who choose The Key Cocktail want to taste an excellent drink ready at home.

Restaurants, hotels, wine bars, clubs. Those who choose The Key Cocktail have a high level of customer care and want to give extra attention and high quality to their guests: a ready-to-drink and easy-to-use cocktail.

Each cocktail is available in 500 and 90 milliliter bottles.

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Keys prêt a porter

Our selection of single-serving cocktails for you: Gin Martini, Manhattan, IkaRum, Martinez, Mi°To, Negroni, Old Fashioned, Velvet

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It is the latest born among The Key Cocktails. Ruby-red colored drink based on rum, vermouth and bitters, it has a raspberry flavour: the recipe also includes cocoa, selected Cafè 124 Brazilian coffee and dried fig leaves in infusion. In the mouth it is soft and balanced, with slight hints of sweetness and at the same time acidity given by the raspberry. Aged in large glass jars for a month, it is meant to be drunk cold or hot like a punch.

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Gin, vermouth and lemon essential oils. The cocktail par excellence. The oxidation gives it a firm but soft character. On the nose the delicate aromas of lemon soften its alcoholic character. It rests for three months in the vat.

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Cocktail born in the early 1800s, it is the sweetest and most welcoming of The Key range. The decisive character is given to it by the Rye Whiskey base and to complete a blend of sweet vermouths and a liqueur of artisan Abruzzo marasca cherries. Rest for a month in the vat.

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Cocktail born in the mid 1800s and father of the Gin Martini. On the enveloping nose, it almost seems like an essence, has a sustained but soft and elegant alcohol content. A slight infusion with cinchona bark makes it slightly scratchy on the finish. It is a drink for connoisseurs, lovers of gin and characterful cocktails. The blend of vermouth gives it the aromas to the nose and the cherry liqueur makes it velvety in the mouth. It is bottled no earlier than one month of aging in the vat.

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Cocktail born in the second half of the 19th century. It is the classic Italian aperitif, part of the Negroni family but it is the light version, without gin. Two weeks of aging directly in the bottle. It is infused with Sichuan berries, black tea leaves and dried apricots. It has a soft drink, sweet on entry and slightly bitter as a persistence. The spicy notes of Sichuan emerge on the nose.

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The most classic of the made in Italy cocktails. London dry gin, blended vermouth and bitters. The nose is given to it by the essential oils of bergamot. Resting for a month in glass gives it an elegance and a velvet that is difficult to obtain in express mixing.

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This cocktail is usually made up of a sugary part, an alcoholic part and the water dilution. In our Old Fashioned we have instead chosen not to use either dilution or sugar but to use two types of artisanal gentians: a distinctly sweet one and a very bitter one. The harmony and softness of the cocktail is obtained not from water but from our best ally: time with its three months of aging in vats.

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It is the identifying cocktail of The Key project and it is the extreme twist of a Negroni. Tequila base, blend of vermouth and bitters. It is infused with dried caramel and black tea leaves, aged in cask and then finished in the vat. It is not ready until it has rested at least one month in all. It is a cocktail with an amazing character. The nose tells you a story of sweetness, which also continues in the mouth and then turns towards a tannic and persistent note without being invasive.

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