Philosophy and Technique

The Key Cocktails combine culture with knowledge of the territory, keeping everything linked with the scented thread of herbs and spices, to then merge with winemaking knowledge, aging and maturation.

Research, experimentation and time are our greatest allies and custodians of our knowledge.

At the base of The Key products are the highest quality ingredients to which is added the refinement in wood or glass, the infusion with herbs and spices, time and the elegance of packaging in 500 or 90 milliliter bottles.

In addition to the care in the choice of ingredients, we have taken on another specific richness of our country. We set out from the earth to search out spices and herbs.

In The Key Cocktail laboratory different eras, traditions and knowledge intertwine: our blends travel through time departing from the old lessons of herbaria, wise women of the past able to prepare alcoholic infusions and medicaments.

The recipes are balanced with herbs, roots, spices and essential oils which give aromatic complexity and contrast, with bitterness and tannins, roundness caused by oxidation, such as cinchona bark, cherries, gentian, bergamot. Each spice has its infusion times, each cocktail its maturation time.

Another fundamental difference between the «canonical» cocktails and The Key ones is that none of our cocktails are diluted in water. 

«They are original recipes to which I apply refinement techniques borrowed from world of wine», Valeria said proudly, «In this way I can offer truly ready-to-drink cocktails because, unlike other products, mine don’t even need ice and garnishes».

The velvet, the softness of our blends depends on quality raw materials but also on knowledge and our most important ally: time.

In fact, time is the master. 

Through waiting the ingredients have the opportunity to interact with each othercreating delicate synergies.


Refinement replaces, enriching it, the traumatic action of the bartender, who by shaking produces a double shock, thermal and mechanical. 

Over time, instead, the molecules open up, mix with each other, “tame” one with the other, acquire softness and flavors that go beyond the sum of the ingredients. 

The cocktails are aged in vats, glass or French oak tonneaux.

 Each blend needs its own aging time to find the right balance, velvet and elegance.

And the more they refine the more interesting they become. Like great wines.

Once ready, the drinks are stored in natural glass bottles, with sealing wax seals that contribute to making The Key high-end products, beautiful to look at and beautiful to give as a gift.


To date Key Cocktails have proved to be the highest-end product in Italy. Our goal is to make it witness of good drinking Italian in the world.

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