Keynco was born in 2016 by the will of Valeria Sebastiani and Giada Panella, at the time in their early thirties and with long-lasting experience as bartenders, who wanted to invent something new and original. Two professionals who matched perfectly: Valeria as creator of the cocktails, Giada dedicated to the commercial part.

Valeria Sebastiani, founder and owner of Keynco, passed away in December 2022 due to a road accident.

Her family, together with her closest collaborators, have decided to carry on the work to which Valeria has dedicated all of herself, investing her passion for research and innovation in the tradition and culture of natural products. A difficult task that we have undertaken with the commitment to maintain the standards of excellence of The Key cocktails: out of respect for her and for those who have appreciated her work.

Keynco’s activity has never stopped and is now fully operational, with the hope that customers will want to maintain their trust in the quality of the products which will continue to belong to Valeria’s legacy.

The journey began and continues with research and experimentation. To the first two cocktails released to the market in 2018 other ones have been added, leading to a collection made up today of eight different preparations for as many different taste identities.

Negroni, Mi°To, Old Fashioned, Gin Martini, Velvet, Manhattan, Martinez, IkaRum take shape inside an artisan liquor factory in Rome. To these are added three other personalized recipes: Aridaje, Negroni Bianco and Rob Roy.

«Imagination, time, patience are the fundamental ingredients of our drinks, but spices, herbs and essential oils also play a fundamental role. And each has its own rules », Valeria used to remember..

The refinement takes place with a mix of herbs and spices, some collected thanks to the action of foraging and the collaboration of apothecaries. In this way, the blends gain a completely different olfactory-gustatory component compared to express cocktails and obtain a perfect balance in terms of taste without the need for the addition of water and sugar alteration.

The technique, for which a patent has been filed, helps to give the premixes of The Key Cocktail the soft and velvety element which distinguishes them.

Time contributes in an essential way to this result. In fact, Valeria realized that after a certain period of aging in French oak barrels or in glass jars and finally in bottles, the drinks acquire softness and elegance as the molecules open and mix together, and are thus enjoyable without adding ice or any dilution.

And the more time passes (in the bottle), the more different facets are discovered, just like the great aging wines that gradually reveal their complexity.

The result is that The Key cocktails are prepared with 100% alcohol, without water, sugar, additives or preservatives, ready to be enjoyed on any occasion, from a reception to a night at home, from a starred dinner to a hotel.

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